Apa asam medhune lan apa nimbulaké Iku?

Every day there are millions of people who question the origin and cause of acid reflux. Also known as gastroesophageal reflux disease, acid reflux is a condition that is fairly common among people and it occurs when food or liquid that we have consumed finds its way back into the esophagus.

This food and liquid is very acidic and when it flows back into the esophagus, it can begin to eat away at the lining of it. Usually, the lower esophageal sphincter works to keep this acid out of the esophagus, but it is not always able to complete its job. In these instances, the acid will flow back into the esophagus and cause some painful situations.

Acid reflux can be very irritating to the esophagus and can even cause inflammation and damage to the lining of the esophagus. The most common symptom that people experience is pain in the chest. Usually, this pain will begin in the stomach and travel up through the chest where it sometimes can reach the throat as well.

Most of the time, acid reflux will become worse after a person consumes a large meal or if they are lying down for a while. Stooping can also cause it to flare up if the person stays in that position for an extended period of time, therefore, to assist stopping acid reflux sit up straight.

Sometimes people can even develop symptoms, such as sore throat, coughing and ulcers. However, these symptoms, especially ulcers are rare and most people only notice mild discomfort that can be treated by over the counter medication.

There are many things that can cause acid reflux, but most often it is attributed to poor diet habits. Some medical conditions can also cause acid reflux and this is a common side effect that pregnant women complain of as well. Digestive problems have also been known to cause acid reflux as well.

When it comes to treating the condition, there are numerous products available. There are many over the counter medications that you can take and your doctor may be able to prescribe some for you as well. Pregnant women are often suggested to lie on an elevated mattress to help eliminate the pain, but are sometimes allowed to take medication, like omeprazole, as well.

For those who are afflicted due to poor eating habit, it is best to begin the process of eating healthier so that you will not see as many symptoms in relation to acid reflux. In some serious conditions, a trip to your doctor may be necessary.

Acid reflux is very common and there are many people who suffer from it regularly. It is also something that can be triggered by certain types of food, usually very greasy foods or foods that are spicy.

It is important to have acid reflux treated because it can eventually cause damage to your esophagus if you do not treat it properly. With the many treatment products on the market today, no one should have to suffer through this condition.

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